Wed. May 25th, 2022

Originally used a week before it was seen in F1, TDi Media raised the production level bar once more with use of the Visor Cam for a lap of the track at Larkhall (Rd 3). For this round the camera was in the helmet of the championship leader, Dan Guinchard.

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To find your local kart club and circuit in the UK, go to The Association of British Kart Clubs website at There will be a kart club and circuit near to where you live.

By Mack

10 thoughts on “VISOR Cam used for first time in Karting! UKC Rd 5 2021, Junior Rotax Final”
  1. Defending too hard??? I’m sorry I remember a time in super 1 where it was white line defending all race.

    Some clerks of the course’s are salty

    1. Thx. However, this is not livestreamed… it is edited as a post production event, hence why we can use 360 degree cameras, more drone footage, more midfield battles, motion tracking graphics, always the same commentators, and where results are changed in post race scrutineering if drivers are excluded or get penalties, the correct result is always shown on screen. That does not happen in livestreams.

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