Wed. May 25th, 2022

Includes an interview with the UKC Clerk of the Course Graeme Rose.

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To find your local kart club and circuit in the UK, go to The Association of British Kart Clubs website at There will be a kart club and circuit near to where you live.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Karting Championship Rd 5 Shenington, Part 1.”
  1. Hands down, karting is what I come to for the best racing in all of motorsports. TDi’s commentary has been superb.
    A few things have bothered me a bit over the years: the lack of mirrors, the resultant looking back over the shoulder; the excessive and exaggerated use of the “defensive line,” and the occasional coming way off the normal line to crowd an opponent further offline.
    This may have been addressed fully before my interest in karting, but, since mirrors and their proper use are important in a kart driver’s future levels of competition, might he not benefit from earlier training in their use? If kart chassis engineers are unable to develop mirror pods that satisfy the safety requirements of the race organizers, perhaps rear-facing cameras with steering wheel mounted monitors would be suitable. I think the skillful use of mirrors would obviate the “need” for excessive defensive moves.

    1. Having mirrors on a kart is just another thing that can fall off and injure the driver or someone else in the case of an incident. Karting is already dangerous enough.

      The reason you see such aggressive driving all the time is due to the competitiveness of the sport. Usually, when you lose one position, you can end up losing 2 or even 3. So being in that top 3 group going into the last minute of racing is vital for a good result.

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