Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

By Lilliam

19 thoughts on “Tools I Use for Karting”
  1. I use that same toolbox, perfect modular system for karting, spares, enough space for cans/fluids, and larger items.

    1. If you’re not mechanically inclined like me, start watching people work on their karts, ask questions, offer to help so you can learn. Do small stuff on your kart and build up to more complex things.

  2. Why do you cut your sprockets in half? Because I’m from the UK and no one cuts them in half

    1. Only reason I can think off is so they can swap them without taking off the axle

    2. @Warre De Gendt yeah but you can still take a hole sprocket off without removing the axel

    3. @Rhys Kn19ht on engines that run the chain between the axle bearings you can’t. If the chain is on the outside you can indeed swap them by just taking off the wheel. I think it’s an american thing as well though, I have never seen it in Belgium either.

    4. @Warre De Gendt yeah I was just confused because I’ve never seen someone do that before

  3. I bought that Harbor Freight 200 piece set and tote that around with me. Love it, has pretty much every thing you’ll need

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