Wed. May 25th, 2022

Tiff and Jason take on the sport that has produced some of racing biggest names.

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22 thoughts on “Tiff And Jason Take On Go Karting – Fifth Gear”
  1. My Tony kart with me on board, heavily padded and covered seat, front brakes added, phone +mounts, alfano dash, usb output and 12v sockets weighs 30kg less than those karts loaded. The only problem is I can’t take it to PFI because it’s not race legal. But I do go to [email protected] to get it tuned and checked.

  2. You want to see the best drivers in the world ? then go and watch a National or International karting event – not F1.

    1. @Jeff Belter As do F1 drivers who pay to drive because they have big sponsors or a rich family. Not *all* the best drivers in the world can afford to be in F1.

  3. My local kart track 😁😎 and it’s even more awesome to drive with the extra bridged loop.

  4. I used to race in the national seniors championship back in the late 90s, (i was around 16-17). I think Anthony Davidson and Christian Horner were in the same championship. The modern karts are brutal, and nuts.

  5. 45 laps around Bayford Meadows or Whilton Mill in my X30 destroys me every time

  6. 2:46 –> the smoothest transition between narrators ever! Jason starts the sentence and Tiff finishes it!

  7. I’m pretty sure Tiff was just playing a character understating the importance of karting

    1. Certainly – I raced against Tiff in a 24hr endurance kart race at Le Mans. I think the clip is more fun if they have to take opposing views at the start, but trust me, Tiff knows all about karting.

  8. They need to do an interview where they straight up ask: “so what’s it like to be a blatant rip off”

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