Wed. May 25th, 2022

This week it Q&A time at the House of Power, we’re answering all your burning go kart questions. Don’t miss out on our Huge Black Friday deal. 75% off all video tutorials on our website, ends Monday 29th November 2021.


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By Ali

29 thoughts on “Q&A: Tips For Your First Race, Getting Back Into Karting & Engine Maintenance – POWER REPUBLIC”
    1. most go karts are pretty good and they all have a similar tube layout these days. I haven’t driven the top kart in ages so I can’t really say first hand.

  1. Hi Dez we are running senior x30(birelart chassis) next year, we seemed to be struggling to get towards the top end revs towards the end of the year, could this be just a case of the engine needed a rebuild or can it be to do with needing to change from Shell M to Silkolene oil as since the change we noticed that the piston ring had a build up of carbon around it, it got better once we released it but still struggling to get to around 16000 thanks in advance😁

    1. @frenchLeon thanks for the tip mate, we will try adjusting the carb to make it Rev a bit harder

    2. Hey Reece, it could be the ring being stuck and then released. send the engine off to get rebuild and start again, the X30 is a pretty reliable engine with the jet set at 1.0 on the low and 1.5 on the high (approximately). The castor oils are okay if you are rebuilding the engines all the time. otherwise get yourself some Motul GP2T fully synthetic and go for it.

    3. @Power Republic thanks I’ll try it, on the motul oil is it the same fuel to oil ratio, 215ml to 5L? Thanks again

  2. Does anyone no the best website or area to buy engines and supplies for senior rotax in the UK/Ireland? Just starting

  3. That 1st question about a season without things breaking, thats fantasy, things WILL break, if you cannot afford to count that, you will have a problem. For a race season, some people spend £100k, tyres cost £200 per race min, then travel expenses, fuel, expendable parts like spark plugs ect, repairs adds up fast…

    1. Hey Chris, yeah for the entry level guys we say to budget for about $600 per race meeting on average. for top line event racing the sky is the limit. guys here go crazy for the big race meeting victories too

  4. overtaking from the inside is more common, but there’s nothing better than an overtake from the outside. Your opponent always gets very pissed ! ahahhaha

    1. Yeah if you can pull it off, for sure, but its a lower percentage manoeuvre so we generally tell the guys to get into a better position for the inside pass, IMO

    1. @Power Republic yes😄 in these days drift is very expensive and agressive with smoke from tyres, You need car, maintenance to repair it… driftkarts are cheap, no smoke ( pvc on wheels ) dont need to have strong engine to make slides, dont need so much fuel, not making so much noise ( even when 5 karts are drifting in one moment ) as one driftcar😊 in Poland its new and after 6 years we have 50 kart drifters and even Drift Competition in it🤩 btw Your videos are very interesting❤🇵🇱

  5. I understand camber and caster adjustment as the day plays out, but what do larger hubs do for my game? Larger hubs as in wider? I’m boggled

  6. 600 for a club day?
    I would budget that for a series round (eg Vic Country Series) where you need tyres and weekend accommodation, but I cant fathom why anyone would need more than 100 for a normal club day
    Maybe things are different in Queensland?

    1. Just noticed the entry frees and practice day costs – so I suppose you have higher entry fees to start with
      Most country clubs in Vic have no cost to practice and club day entry fees under 40 – the biggest clubs are still only $55.

      Do you guys put new tyres and full on prep for a club day since you don’t have any state series below the state champ?
      Wheeras a lot of guys here can pull a kart out of the shed and run on old tyres – your only club day costs (Outside breakages) are entries and fuel (And canteen ;))

  7. Ive got this idea of putting a rotax max engine into a 12” wheel pitbike supermoto? Is there any reason it wouldn’t work in your opinion?

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