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31 thoughts on “Kevs Top 5 Go-Karting Tips”
  1. Great tips, I often see young kids ask in the briefing ‘can we drift?’ Or something along the lines and the response most of the time is ‘If you want to crash, yes’. Another tip I’d say is look out for slow kids, they often try to ram me into the wall when overtaking so you can get stuck behind them for ages if it’s a tight track

  2. The only thing I question when I hear kart speak is the acceleration/grip weight point. If you know physics, the issue with weight is you NEED more grip to change direction, so the extra grip i.e. tyre footprint is caused by the weight but does not benefit the driver who needs more grip to corner, but still can’t recover speed as quick as a heavier driver….ever heard of ballast? bhp/ton? tyres? weigh reduction?…small weight go karters do not need to race as well as heavier drivers to set the same times, and karts vary too. So next time your heavy mate sets times like your other mate who is a skeleton, its either better driving or better kart/tyres etc. If your lighter mate only just beats the much heavier driver, he drove a lot worse!

  3. the only thing with the aggression rule is that to some people it can come of as dangerous driving, the way you drive in this and the way you drive into people would get you kicked off at most indoor and outdoor karting tracks for brushing them into corner (although i see it as good racing and taking a gap) , plus most inexperienced people tend to close the door on you because they never look behind them, i got a black flag for exactly that the other day and one doing exactly what you did at 4:37 where someone spun in front and i couldn’t react in time, apparently i was going too fast even though i didn’t hit him as hard as you did in the video

    moral of the story:time trials are better than racing, and also it not always about the track, its about what organisers let you do and not do, outdoor karting is better for this because there’s more room

    1. Hi Jay, yes you’re totally right, it depends on the track and the staff. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the video. Cheers!

  4. The worst bit about taking corners is seeing someone who doesn’t know the race line almost T-bone into you at a hairpin.

    1. Yeah been there done that plenty of times bro. Did get T-boned once really badly in open wheelers and had to end my race I was so sore LOL

    2. @Kevin Yep Lol shit, I’ve narrowly avoided most of them thankfully but I always shit myself when I see it almost happening in the corner of my eye haha.

    3. @k Haha yeah.. there’s a vid of me getting smacked in the side, it’s at K1 Santa Clara. Luckily I didn’t get spun or hurt but the person that hit me spun out. The vid is on my channel if you want to check out out.

  5. Why do people say this about grip when you’re heavier? You will still corner slower when you are heavier despite the extra grip. If you don’t think that makes sense…do you think a 40 stone person can corner faster than a 6 stone boy in a gokart? The extra weight is still pushing you away from the apex. It overcomes the so called extra grip. JESUS!

    1. The lighter you are the later you can brake too…oh wait no…the heavier people can brake later due to the extra grip? Duuhhhhh.

  6. One vital tip everyone forgets, is building confidence up. You won’t be the fastest the first time round. First time I went with a set of tools from work, I finished 9th out of 14, but lacked the raw confidence at the beginning and towards the end when I spun, as I basically was so far away from the steering wheel, when I realised I could actually move my seat. I’m about 62kg, yet I was being passed by the big lads, we’re talking 90+kg on straights, but these rental karts were absolutely destroyed. However, at another track, with vastly superior karts, I was finishing 5th/14th a lot, so it tells a tale. Main trick is to keep going, start learning the track by going to practice sessions and looking at lap times. Once you get a feel for one track, you should be able to apply knowledge and experience at other tracks, as well as beginning to participate in races amongst other drivers.

    1. Very true. You probably want a bit of sliding, but not too much which will impact your line and speed. Thanks for watching and check out my Tips 6-10!

  7. Great video, I’ve raced there few times im 5f 4 and weigh over 90kg and have managed a 27.2 one day hoping break the 26s mark.

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