Wed. May 25th, 2022

In this week’s video, we’re talking the easiest way to repair rear bar bolts on your go kart. Although this is performed on a Tony Kart, it is a very similar process for any brand of kart.

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16 thoughts on “KARTING BASICS: The Easiest Way To Repair Rear Bar Bolts – POWER REPUBLIC”
    1. Hey Chris, you been racing over there this week? must be getting chilli now on the kart track

    2. @Power Republic its always cold and wet here, that wouldnt stop me but ive been struggling to get to the track for other reasons.

  1. Great videos man, keep up great work. How are you guys doing in Australia with these none sense mandates? Hope all is well and safe.

    1. Armen, you are very welcome. Thanks for tuning in and watching the videos.
      so far so good. a few restrictions on travel and what not, but they should be easing off next month in time for xmas

  2. Tony’s bolts are the weakest part of the kart and it has produced many losses of the rear plastic. We changed the bolts for steel again to take care of the failure. The reason for the failure is that all metal twisted the thread makes it sense. Greetings from Uruguay.

    1. yeah they are know for breaking on the regualar. upgraded steel bolts, regular changing and also the Kart Master Kit are great solutions

  3. graphics on that kart are awesome. Instructions not clear, tighten rear bar for more rear grip?

  4. Good work Dezzy. My team owner has to change ours before next year too, backing into another tyre wall did not help, or dragging the kart out on it’s ass double ensured they were banana’s.

  5. Great videos! Just please avoid the double repeat (30seconds) start of your videos. Keep up the good content

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