Wed. May 25th, 2022

Welcome to the new Karting Basics 101 series. This week we’re talking how to change and clean your go kart chain.

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By admin

36 thoughts on “KARTING BASICS 101: How To Clean and Change Your Go Kart Chain – POWER REPUBLIC”
    1. Hey Paulo, you can use WD-40, but in this video I was wiping the chain with degreaser. careful with that cause if you use to much it will still be in the chain when you go to use it again and will degrease the fresh chain lube, not what you want for long chain life.

  1. Thank you so much for this and any future basic videos because these help a father like myself (the learning mechanic) to help keep track of my 8 year old son (driver) kart tuned. Another video which I think would be helpfull is on fuel/oil mixing (how-to). Alot of beginners get this wrong. Thanks for your fantastic videos πŸ‘

    1. hey Alex, thanks for the feedback. I will slip that into the schedule so stay tuned…..

  2. I have really high hopes for a basic karting 101 playlist! Please keep going! I think this will impact the people watching the most, because usually the guys who are going on youtube and learning about karting are new and beginners, and i think this is the biggest audience, people who are more veterans will seek out help other ways usually. Thanks dez!

    1. I reckon its been good. I’m right behind Lando, he’s such a legend. Also too, be good to see the Ferrari’s dominating.

  3. Are there any alternative no frills chain sprays I can use beside the Motul? Like something you could pick up for a fraction of the price at Supercheap?

    1. Hey Blitz, o ring. chains last the longest. but yeah, the motul is the business for chain lube. there are other products but not sure how good they stick to the chain when it is turning hard

  4. Thank you for the video .

    For something as simple as changing a chain, I learnt something new today as I loosen the engine clamps rather than the engine slide plate ..

    I was concerned when I do this because it can misalign everything, creating a β€œfubar” situation if you are not careful.

    so I will try your way in future ..

    1. Bk all good, both work but with the slide mount I think it is the idea of the design. thanks heaps for tuning and smashing buttons πŸ‘

  5. Sorry for such a noob question, did you do a vid on how to replace the brake disc on the rear axle ? if so can you link a vid ? thanks !

  6. I didn’t see you Lube the Chain before you installed it? Also why use only three fasteners on the sprocket instead of six?

    1. Hi Rob, correct , I do the chain lube just before I hit the track. 3 is normally enough to hold the sprocket on. and cause we change them regularly, it quicker if only 3.

    2. For easy lubing while on track, drill a little hole in the chain guard at the rear end right above the chain where you can poke the little grease tube through.

  7. Me and my son love your channel. Keep up great work mate!!! βœŒοΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒFrom Los Angeles.

    1. Hey Armen, thanks fo the good vibes and tuning in. Is the racing back in full swing yet over there?

    2. @Power Republic oh yes. I’m taking my son 14 who’s subscribed also, to track since he loves racing and want to be involved seriously. We learned a lot from you about karts. Thank you for all your works and videos. Currently we have a shifter and IAME 125cc tag kart for practicing. It’s lot of fun. Keep up great work, can’t wait for your new videos. πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²βœŒοΈ

  8. Hey quick question, to clean do you use paper towels or a cloth? And which kind of cloth or paper towel do you use? Getting my first kart next month and thanks a lot for all the information by the way

    1. I use mostly old rags. Micro fibre cloths make for great cleaning rags BTW

  9. Hi! Awesome content in your channel! One idea for video would be “Jetting and needle height setting”

    1. Hey Wit, thanks for the good vibes and for tuning in. we have some great videos on most of the carbies for racing engines in our library, have you checked those out?

    2. @Power Republic I will take another look. Not sure I have seen needle height topic but might have just missed!

  10. Back at my days we didnt had that engine slide plate. You could set the tension with the great screw from behind. BUT: We had a broken chassis, because of this screw! The chassis manufacturer told us, to always lossen the screw after setting the tension of the chain. Today you have a big rubber and sliding engine plates. It was an expensive lesson πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Chris.

      Yeah that could happen. I mean chassis crack regularly with use, but yeah I can see that extra stress would create tension in the frame.

  11. Hey, so 10-15mm minimum tension, what would your max be?! Thanks as always! Toronto, Canada

    1. thanks heaps for tuning in Chris. as a general rule of thumb, 10mm mimiimim and 15mm maximum.

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