Wed. May 25th, 2022

In this week’s video, we’re restoring some old retro go karts to their former glory. Follow along to see how to update your old bangers.

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By admin

40 thoughts on “Go Karting On A Budget – POWER REPUBLIC”
    1. Hey Marek, yeah it is actually made for the short shaft KT100S Yamaha engine. did you want me to send you a link to buy one?

  1. Another great video Derek. Just wanted to point out that by taking only a few minutes to drain the fuel (and water if it has a radiator) before storing it will save you this trouble in the first place, leaving you with a clean carb, white fuel tank, flexible fuel hose, and no rust in the radiator. Leaving you only to bleed the brakes and add liquids before hitting the track years later. Pretty obvious, right.?

    1. Hey Jase, yeah that’s correct, a little bit of prevention can go a long way. I even think we might have done a video on that πŸ˜‚

  2. Awesome Video πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Quick Question Have You Ever Worked On A Carb That Is Realy Beyond Fixing It ?? πŸ”§πŸ”©πŸ”¨

    1. Hey Louie, thanks for tuning in and sharing the videos. I have, especially the Walbro’s style cause once the ‘seat’ is damaged/leaking its almost impossible to get the ‘needle’ to not leak down. that makes it heaps hard to tune once back on the track.
      another thing to check is the butterfly shaft housing. sometimes the aluminium wears out and air leaks past the butterfly shaft.

      hope that helps

  3. Great video! Would love to see more restoration type videos , bringing older karts back to life. Did you check if engine was seized or able to turn over before you began?

    1. hey chris, nah the customer that dropped it in had been driving them and asked to clean em up and install the clutch.

    1. yeah it needs the external starter to drive the engine. Thanks for tuning in and sharing the video!

  4. I used to run an old air cooled blue top pcr in speedway karts. The thing was still extremely competitive against water cooled iame engines. Got a few overall wins and series wins.

    1. @Power Republic by far my favorite was a 100cc maxter rotary valve. That thing loved sitting at 20000rpm. Actually got a few lap records with it in dirt karts

  5. There’s a whole to be mined from restoration of old karts on Youtube. Would love to see a ground up resto of a pre-89 100 on this channel. Maybe a twin coz I know you Aussies love dual power.

    1. @Power Republic Still beyond me how they got around Oakleigh & Brooklyn back in the day. The tracks were so short & narrow

    2. @Neil R I guess they just tried to keep the front wheels off the ground. I had a session of Robbie G super 200 at Oakleigh once, still remember it like it was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Rob Sutherland I’d love to mate, but need about 50x more viewers on my channel and a whole load of t-shirt sold to be able too πŸ™‚

    1. @Power Republic Oh yeah. Back when karting was a lot simpler, classes were lighter (I remember Clubman light at 130kg) chassis could last years (I would use 5 or 6 new ones a year), less politics, big fields, Sydney we would easy get 30+ per class at a club round, random grids to create good racing, we were not all out to win (I was LOL) and racing was clean and not super expensive.

    2. @Michael Burke yeah the clubman light was a real sweet spot for performance/excitement and has a lot of great memories for people. I think being around the 130kg the machines were defiantly more nimble. Thanks for tuning in and I am looking for a 93 DAP Greyhound or 95 Tony Kart if you know anyone?

    3. @Power Republic in 93 I raced both DAP SL’s and Greyhounds in Clubby light, joys of driving for Jim Morton (RIP Mate) and Ken Mitchell (and worked for ken at RKS).

    4. @Michael Burke yeah boi, i have only ever heard good things about JM, bloody Legend!

    1. yeah I have never had a rip in a RESA, they were in and out while ‘I was on a break’. would be sweet to take this one out for a rip at a retro karting weekend

  6. Hi just brought a lame x30 go kart and its idle is really hi how do you tune it down

    1. hey ash, thanks for tuning in and sharing the videos.
      – you can back the butterfly shaft stop screw (idle adjuster) off/make sure it isn’t adjusted to far in
      – you can check the throttle stop screw at the pedal isn’t adjusted to tight
      -you can open the carby jet closest to the engine
      Hope that helps

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