Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Tried out the newly built 2F2F Go Kart outdoor track in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s one of the best outdoor tracks I’ve ever been on, hands down. It was a late afternoon session, so the lap time wasn’t all that good, but I was still able to ride past everyone even though I started last.

0:00 Warm up lap
1:46 Lap 1
2:59 Lap 2
4:13 Lap 3
5:27 Lap 4
6:39 Lap 5
7:54 Lap 6
9:07 Lap 7
10:20 Lap 8
11:34 Lap 9
12:48 Lap 10
14:01 Lap 11
15:14 Cool down lap

By Dannie

22 thoughts on “Go Kart Session at 2F2F Karting Club – Lahore, Pakistan.”
    1. I actually did look at how much quicker my lap times are when I have my head down on the straightaways versus when I don’t, and the difference is very negligible at best. At least for my weight I can say that I did not notice a quicker lap time and that’s why I don’t drive like that on the straightaways aways anymore.

    1. This was in the early days of my races at this particular track. My lap times ranged between 1:12.396 and 1:14.274.

    2. Oh okay, would be amazing if you come to Islamabad to drive in our track one day, my best time in Islamabad with the SR5 is 1:09

    1. No not really. Once the go-kart is at speed, steering the go-kart left or right isn’t so hard. I mean these things don’t have power steering so your arms are surely going to get a workout. Again though, it’s not so bad.

    1. It is a lot of fun! You are allowed to race but not on the main track. I recommend that you go to the track and have your parents talk to the track management and ask them what you can do at this track.

    1. 11-12 laps if you’re really good. 9 laps at most if you’re at a novice/medium skill level

  1. Amazing stuff yaar, good pace. Im watching this to get an idea of the track layout and racing lines Incase I end up trying it out one day 😈👍🏼
    Amazing well done bro

    1. Thank you very much! Please do look into the other videos that I uploaded after this one to better understand what the race line is supposed to be. I actually also have a video in my playlist for this track where I discuss how to navigate through this particular track and get the fastest possible lap times!

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