Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

The Electric GT Karting Championship is coming soon – an international karting series to find Electric GT’s future racing stars

For decades, the karting track has been the proving ground for history’s greatest racing heroes. With lightning-quick reflexes and expert skill required, many of the greats still return to where it all began, to perfect their racing technique.

It’s time to charge forward into the next generation of karting.

Our grid of 12 to 20 young challengers will race their lightweight 3.2Kwh, 50hp karts at speeds up to 150 km/h on circuits around the world.

19 thoughts on “Electric GT – E-karting”
    1. TyRacing88 those are out of my league( I think so) and my country has pretty strict rules when it comes to karting. It’s pretty expensive to buy karts, and storing them would be another problem. Overall, where I live, it would be very hard to get into karting unless if I had a decent amount of money. Btw, this is off topic but is the SODI Sport a good rental kart?

    2. @FoxGaming76 YT ok i think the sodi sport is a pretty good rental but ive never driven one

    3. TyRacing88 oh. It seems like a fun rental kart, but I will probably never get to drive it. Are you a go kart racer or something btw?

  1. I am interested and would like more information about electric kart.
    Could you tell me an email or other way so I can talk to you

    1. Really? Why in the world would you not look it up your self stop asking. Click open google, type in Electric go carts. Just like magic you have ton of information in front of you. You lazy person.

    2. @curtis bowers What if, plot twist, he did look up electric karts and came to this video! And now that he has some info on it, he wants more that isnt already available?

    3. Evandro Grossi Are you good at karting? Because if you’re a beginner, you should start with rental karts first. But if you’re good, yeah, you can get one if you want.

    4. @curtis bowers For your information, I did numerous searches on Google on the subject to be able to research on the subject, and all videos and articles I found sent a question to be able to keep in touch on the subject.

      “Thank you” FOR YOUR EDUCATION !!!!!!!!!
      God bless your life!!!

    1. @FoxGaming76 YT dude ive been driving since i was a kid with go karts i grew up with them im 11 and i drive adults the manager raced me i didnt use nitro he used 2 i almost won i passed his cousin 4 times every worker say im the best i ever seen they even told me to put my name on the white board their and even adults i always passed them i only ever lost once i lost to the manager who used nitro i didnt

  2. ​ @Steve Thompson You say your kart have 55HP = 36 kw The Battery has 3,2 kWh means 3,2/36=0,08 h drive time = 5,3 minutes. with considering of efficiencies battery 85% inverter 95% motor 95% it is down to something like 4 minutes race time. how it can race one hour like you wrote?
    How you manage it to race more as 10 minutes that you dont need to care the range?

    1. your math is assuming you could pull 36KW straight for an entire race. That will never happen, possibly unless you are climbing Pikes Peak.

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