Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

In episode 3 of How to Hotlap we are covering the speed secrets behind taking a double hairpin corner. Hopefully you will leave this video with some useful Go Karting tips and tricks 🙂

(Some of the onboard karting footage was recorded at Losail Go Karting Circuit which is located at the Qatar F1 track)

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By Ali

  1. Hi Omar I saw you at villago mall karting circuit and my new lap time is 26.4 seconds
    Like your tips

    1. Hi, yes I remember we met at Villagio! Amazing job, keep it up! It’s only a matter of time before you reach 25 seconds 🙂

  2. Hi Ktips! It’s me, DFuZe Salty (with a changed name) who commented on your last video. As always, thank you for these videos, they are incredibly helpful as all your other videos are. Thank you for your efforts. You? At the Jordan speed center? I always go there! No way! That would definitely help me!

    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment. Great to know you are racing in Jordan! The footage was taken when I was visiting back in 2019. I loved my short time in Jordan and wish to visit again someday! Hopefully we can race there together 🙂

    2. @KTips
      That would be fun! Would it be too much trouble to ask you if you can upload a full video analysis of the Jordan speed center track? (If you have the footage). If so, that would be amazing.

  3. When you say “no need to break, absolutely flat out” do you man foot all the way down on the throttle, or just apply a bit of throttle until you are fully ready to exit? Or once you’ve negotiated the first hairpin it’s foot fully down on the throttle (no easing off). A bit confused on this aspect.

    1. we have one on our local track, also thinking about how to do it… I am thinking make the middle corner as tight as possible, I guess only experience will tell

  4. Thank you for those very clear tips and tricks. You’re a really good instructor!
    Hail from Brazil!

  5. I’m new to go karting and this Saturday I got my second race ever and I’ve watched like all of ur vids so I’m excited

  6. Why does one take a late apex when overtaking at a double hairpin but use a middle apex when there are no karts in front?

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