Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

In this video we test the biggest question in karting history “does weight affect karting”?! This video is the sequel to our previous video “Does Size Matter” where we tested this theory by wearing 40lbs weight vests to see how weight impacted lap times. Since then, Ryan has put in the hours and hard work losing over 50lbs. How much will the 50lbs affect Ryan’s lap times?! We’ve done the tests and now we are ready to share the results!

We appreciate all of the support and we love to hear your responses!

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10 thoughts on “Does Weight Affect Karting?! Pt2”
  1. It’s a huge difference in world championship when racing for 15k. Very consistent professional adult drivers racing against 15 year old kids that weigh 100 lbs less. A tenth for every 25 lbs is quite significant

  2. Maybe once he gets better at driving with the weight off he can find more too.

    You guys make it sound like 2 tenths is nothing, my local is a minute lap it could be a theoretical gain of 6 tenths for me, which is huge.

    The consistency mantra is huge too, ive also been told karting is more about learning to race not really all out driving because once you get up to car racing, the margins of difference between drivers in karting close up.

  3. I think it depends on the track itself too. Assuming more weight keeps the tires planted could be faster on a very technical track while lighter loads would obviously be beneficial for straights like a drag race being the most extreme example.

    I guess it’s safe to say that there are a lot of factors to consider.

  4. The problem here is there is no good long straight to get speed off of. K1 tracks that I’ve looked at typically either focus on high speed cornering more or a long straight section for overtaking followed by sharp turn sections

  5. I’ll come back at this since I do a league at San Antonio Texas so I’m trying to lose weight lol

    1. Mind you I’m 14 and weight 215 lbs doing 19 seconds which is pretty average for a go Karter at the San Antonio track

  6. Hmmm could it be also the reason, that the batteries are so heavy and the tourque of an electric motor is so high that the difference of the driver weight does not effect it as much as regular karts. As a fat guy now I finally want to try electic karts. lol

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