Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Went to Rye House for a GP1 race, in wet weather and changing conditions, with lots of people crashing and spinning, and even a disqualification for dangerous karting! It was absolute mayhem, I hope you enjoy the video…

Also, was supposed to have 3 views here, but unfortunately one of my gopros doesn’t like me atm…

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Introduction: 00:00
Qualifying: 01:03
Qualifying results: 05:45
Race: 06:11
Fastest lap: 16:24
Final laps: 17:14
Finish: 18:48
Results: 19:17
Close: 20:04

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Background: My (musically gifted) sister
Outro: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]

28 thoughts on “DANGEROUS Karting Gets You Disqualified!”
  1. Where is this track? Do they supply gear, and what are costs like? I love the carting content and would love to have a go. Ps I loved the drifting.

    1. It’s in Hoddesdon, not far from Essex, and these GP1 sessions cost £85 – and they supply all the gear you need! Just wear trainers 🤙🏽

  2. Are you still nodding the polo 9n? I would love to see an arm rest install I was looking at putting one on my car

  3. Lol me watching a YouTuber go around a karting track I done my work experience at 22 years ago

  4. Lmk next time you lot go Karting – I’m invincible on Mario Kart on my DS 😤

  5. Lovely video as always man, I’d love to see more of these, they’re pretty cool!

    1. @Cars With JB Also do you plan on trying other go-kart tracks out at all? Not too sure of any others personally, as I only know of the one inside of the Grand Pier building at Weston-super-Mare.

  6. I feel like this was a missed opportunity for a dodgy breaking bad pun with those suits and some bad karting…

    1. Haha the suits did make me laugh… in my case I enjoyed being Jonny in a Jonny 😳

    2. @Cars With JB Ha, another great one but also another missed opportunity for the video ☺

  7. Peak to get called in for the slighest tap that wasn’t even my fault but whatever. We’ll get em next time.

    1. Yep really want to have a go in DMAX at MK, but haven’t had a chance yet! Hopefully soon

    2. @Cars With JB Did a Dmax at MK last week, epic experience would def recommend. Daytona Sandown is good too!

  8. Karting is one of the most fun race types you can have if you ask me. Cheap maintenance overall and cheap pricing as well. All the rules of regular racing such as “slow in, fast out” definitely implies here indeed. Plus you don’t need to worry too much when accidentally hitting someone becuase damage is so minimal that you can just keep on racing afterwards even if you spun out quite hard. In here tho key thing to remember is that you run dry tires no cracks in them what so ever so like JB showed here, taking the outside line can be faster in most corners when the inside is all wet. Can’t wait til I get the opportunity to kart again, great video as always!

    1. Exactly that – I’m away at the moment teaching kids to kart, and it’s so rewarding as you see them start to understand the basics of racing in a pretty safe environment, but it’s the same principles they’d have if they carried on racing into being adults!

  9. Loved this video. It didn’t hit my recommended so I havent known about it for a good while.

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