Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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What I Use To Make My Videos

Microphone: Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit
Audio Interface: Behringer U-Phoria UMC22
Laptop: MacBook Pro
Camera: Sony RX100 mk5
Recording Software: Logic Pro X
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro


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Email: [email protected]


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Thank you for watching, hopefully you enjoyed it and if you did then don’t forget to comment drop a like and subscribe to the channel for more. Il see you in the next one, Aldas.

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20 thoughts on “Celebrating 100K Subscribers with a Karting Carnage Special”
  1. Something a little bit different today, a longer format video for today so I hope you enjoy it. Once again I can’t thank you enough for getting me to 100,000 subscribers and hopefully you will enjoy some of the upcoming Karting content…

    1. @Aldas nice man, cheers, felt tht you wouldnt reply but tht background song was too good to ignore😂always with you, congrats on 100k

  2. Very cool footage. Only time I went karting in a 45 min race I ended up abandoning after 30 min due to dizziness and stomach issues lol

  3. The commentary on the karting was brilliant,keep in when you do do the next video.

    Congratulations on reaching your 100 sub goal

  4. Aldas you are good !
    You’ll definitely on your way to 1 million
    Very happy for you brother!

  5. Congratulations Aldas you deserve it. I have been here since, well I think before 1K around 2018 Italy I think I found your channel, and well you’ve made your channel 100 times bigger. 200K is on the way. It’s glad to be here for this achievement

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