Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
27 thoughts on “Beginning of the end of karting as we know it? ABKC Wave the Green (and white?) Flag”
  1. What will happen to all the electric batteries when they are at the end of their life? It seems it is like taking a dustpan and brush to an earthquake.

    1. @Karting1 Will they be recycled? or will they be just dumped? And have you seen the damage that cobalt mining has on the enviroment, and the carbon foot print from mining to end product. Not to mention child labour in some of the mines in certain parts of the world.

    2. @Karting1 As you say the only way to get Greener is to cut down to smaller meetings and less travelling, that is not going to go down well with everyone within karting.

    3. @Stuzz Cycling in this video?

      Yes, if you believe fully in the ABkC sentiment. this is the inevitable conclusion one must arrive at if we follow through on what the ABkC is saying.

  2. ‘Everything we can’ ? The number one contributor to greenhouse gases is population growth. That means kart racers [or rather their parents] need to stop having kids 🙂 Maybe that needs to be the response to the ABKC !

    1. population growth isn’t an issue. the top 1% of the world create more emissions than the 50% poorest

    2. ​@Karting1 Absolutely it is ! Each newborn in the developed world will create emissions for 80+ years. The impact of shrinking the population will dwarf every other measure combined. Of course it will introduce a whole host of other problems… but given that ‘climate change’ is the biggest threat to man’s existence apparently, let’s not worry about them.

  3. The ABKCs words are as fake as big corporations saying they’re going to be eco friendly there not and they won’t and if it does happen then it’ll only take a 5 years for the whole of karting to die everywhere not just the uk motorsport all motor sport everywhere will stop and there starting at the bottom

  4. Someone should create poster and put them up at race meetings telling people because there are people who need to hear this and know what this means

  5. Karting will be forced to get “greener” but electric is not the way, we had a race here with the Rotax E class, they needed 2 huge diesel generators to charge the karts for the full 4 day event.
    We (karting) should go for “bio” fuel, with low amount of oil In it. And force every class to use it.

    1. @Karting1 we need someone to crunch some numbers and prove that the answer is the tyres not the engines. Electric kart engines is only the answer once it’s the answer for all race cars..

    2. @Jay Gee i’ll be honest, I won’t be around for electric karts. Ain’t my thing, I’ll move on.

  6. Putting a Sirio / Parilla Reed valve motor on top of a nice Marshall Amp is a bit of a no no in my book 😤but I agree that the ABKC “ mission statement “ is BS of the highest order , Imho so much club level karting in the UK is non MSA / ABKC that it would take actual parliamentary laws and local bye laws to bring karting powered by internal combustion motors to an eventual halt

  7. Tyres – I bet you could MORE than half the carbon footprint by sorting out the tyre life problem. You should get someone in the know to run some numbers… you could make a big difference to karting if you can get some movement on that narrative. Also, kart chassis are another huge one, people getting a new chassis every few races is just hideously bad for the environment. I think once chassis a year is way too short time wise – a TKM chassis is good for years, people could get an old banger of a chassis and be fast in TKM but with rotax etc if you don’t have new you’re slow. Positives – so many people in karting just stick to their own local club and do that club’s championship which happens less with cars.
    PS it’s a shame your forum is now down, it was such a fountain of old knowledge for new and old karters. It was appreciated while it lasted

    1. So true about contemporary chassis , they seem to even flex on the dummy grid when a junior gets in the seat , my theory is 1994 Tonykart 15mm front stub three bearing rear axle 30/ 40mm fairly stiff chassis ,now 25 mm front stubs 50 man rear the flex required to make the chassis work is a softer frame , I’m fairly sure a 2021 OTK chassis would not last a 24 hour Le Mans race unlike our trusty formula !!!!

  8. Karting is in the coffin.
    ABKC/MSUK may just have found the hammer and last nail.
    We had a good run.

  9. Lets the lefty plant based advocates in, or join in with them, and you’re letting in the same people that want to shut the sport down entirely.
    Rob Smedley has his grubby hands in karting, targeting the kids coming through under the guise of fairness and charity, but making huge amounts of money and trying to shut the entire sport down from the inside, and Lewis / Nico are supporting electric motorsport, not the forms of motorsport THEY DID on their route to the top.
    Lando and Daniel are the only ones genuinely supporting and paying homage to the sport.
    Don’t give credit to entry level do gooders, like the plant based.

    1. I am vegan mate, and I advocate for 2-stroke 100cc 20,000 podless mad machines bud. 😉 But i get the gist of what you’re saying

    2. @Karting1 Entertaining advocates or activists of any stripe to meddle with the sport (or the burger van) is the small sign on your lawn.
      Give them an inch and they take a yard, before you know it the same people are putting pressure on any karting apart from electric, coughing and rolling on the floor if they get a whiff of castrol R, or ringing the council with noise complaints.
      Don’t entertain ANY of them.

  10. ive been in karting since the 60s the rac/msa and abkc have spent all this time ruining karting , its all about money and making it more expensive to race

  11. We did the world in 2019 they had the E karts there, what’s joke, MASSIVE diesel generators running all day charging up the batteries 🤣 and the karts lasted just 7 laps, and sooooooo slow. Cut down on tyre use if you want to make a impact, but when Biden fly’s over his MASSIVE MASSIVE motorcade and the others fly in on private jets, and the main polluters don’t even turn up!! =======what’s the point

  12. Unintended consequences have entered the chat……

    Electric karts right now would look like massive diesel generators running full tilt at every clubbie.

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