Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
    1. I actually have a friend who is quite good at karting, but he never apexes or anything, so I feel confident when racing him knowing that I have a faster line around the track. He just goes full throttle and misses the apex.
      Another great video. Good job.
      P.S tip number 1 (the tyre tip) is just straight to up evil 😂

    2. @Salti Good to know! I’m sure you can beat him if you apex at the turns and brake at the right points. Btw alot of drivers in top levels of Motorsport use similar psychological techniques 🤣

    3. @KTips I found that the instructors / crew are all great at driving. Ask them for a picture of track with racing line… slip them a £10.. ask them for the fastest Kart.. slip another £10 ….Job done

    4. I watch most of ur videos, really helpful since im a beginner in karting, got to test all the tips u teaching by end of this month. Im entering my 1st championship race. Tq so much for all the tips 👍👍👍

  1. sometimes when turning my kart starts hopping, does it affect speed? How can I avoid that?

    1. It will affect your speed and lap time slightly. As pointed out in the ‘Great Weight Debate’ video, with less weight you can experience more juddering. To counter the juddering you will have to change your racing line slightly through those corners.

  2. 0:46 , point at tyre of competitor.. 😂😂😂 Would love to see Hamilton do this in F1.

    1. Hey ISF , this could save lifes , AND this would be / is great and real sportsmanship . Where are the gentlemandrivers today – ???

  3. Thanks for the tips man! I finally defeated my friends and drove a 36.734! (Yesterday I did a 37.924!) I really improved my racing line and braking points.. braking much deeper than before.

  4. one tip i have learnt is that if you are racing against your mates you are most likely using a slow, low powered rental kart with no gears and if you slide into the corner you are usually losing a lot of RPM and you sort of need to keep a high RPM to power out fast out of the corner

    hopes this helps a few lads and lasses :))

  5. My brother is better than me sometimes but I do good most of the time jk. I just sometimes steer too much. Can u help me beat him?? I brake hard sometimes too. The first time i was going go kart, for like 2 to 3 weeks before i was just watching karting tips. Now I go every month and try to improve my braking point. So plz help me, I want to destroy my brother.

  6. I have a race in a few hours, imma come back to this video after the race and hopefully be victorious.

    1. @KTips well i was first for the majority of the race but got excited on the last lap and ended up in third, but the tips definitely worked, thanks for the great video.

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