Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

An actual race i did recently at teamsport in nottigham

50 laps at 8 am on a saturday morning, it was great fun and cant wait to go and do some more

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By Dannie

44 thoughts on “A PROPER race – 50 laps around TeamSport Nottingham – Indoor Go Karting #teamsport #gokarting”
  1. Hey great video! I know you’ve recently been to the Sheffield teamsport but you should try their full length track I think you’d really enjoy it and the staff there are really friendly!

    1. @Niffnafff ah fair enough, at least I can go back and experience a different layout so will be like a new venue again haha

    2. Strange, wonder if its covid related, or as said low staffing. Love the vids btw 👍

    3. @FPS_IVORY yeah either way it gives me a reason to get back there, ah cheers mate

  2. “I’ll be happy to not finish last” – Overtakes 6 people in the first few corners! haha.

    Another great one man! Congrats on the podium, two of my favourite karters to watch here on YT battling it out was wicked. Great job getting through those slower karts!

    1. @Learn to Race haha, you reacted much better than the others around you, and is the best time to get past them!

      All good man, I enjoy your commentary and hearing your thoughts .

    2. @Crazy_Skindog_Karting I’m glad you like it, I’m still not 100% happy with that, but it’s getting better, I’ve stopped scripting what I want to say and go with it now but sometimes it sounds too long for what I’m trying to get across lol

    3. @Learn to Race yeah, the commentary is an art for sure!! I generally have a few notes of key points, but forget to look at them when I’m recording the audio 😅 I kinda play it over in my head a few times so I know kind of what I’m gonna say, but definitely got some improving to do myself as well!

    4. @Crazy_Skindog_Karting that’s exactly what I do now, I used to script it but I can’t make it sound like anything or than I’m reading it haha I’m just at my local teamsport now for a spur of the moment free race with my loyalty points

    5. @Learn to Race haha, it’s hard to make it sound like you aren’t reading a script!! Enjoy! I’m kinda tempted by a cheeky session tomorrow, playing F1 2021 with my day off today. I should stop to make my next video really, but I’m having too much fun!

      Enjoy your session!!

  3. Nah you should have won that easily. Track blocked and they call Yellow flag? They need some retraining.

    1. Yeah I was pretty annoyed at that but it is what it is, I had fun still managed to grab a podium spot so not all bad news really

  4. Ur a good karter by the looks of things. You should come down to teamsport harlow and we can have a good race. I’m 8th fastest ever and you seem like you know ur way around a track. However by the looks of things you live up north so might be difficult

    1. Cheers mate, yeah I’m about 2 hours or so from Harlow, I’ll be down one day though for sure

    2. @Learn to Race yeah ofc. Let me know a date and time and we can get something organised. Do you have a twitter so I can dm you

    3. @Owen I’m on Instagram @learn_to_race, give me a follow on there, I post up some of the events Ill book on to

  5. Just the video I was looking for! I recently bought this race as an ‘experience day gift for two’ for my eldest son’s birthday…he’s going with my other son next week so instead of watching I decided to book myself into the same session! This gives me a good insight into the lines and what to look out for to get a good lap time. Great informative vid, nicely put together.

    1. Thanks very much, you’ll have a good time, be careful on the corner after the down ramp it’s very slippy, I hope you enjoy yourself though

    1. @aceozz awesome, expect 35 minutes or so then for the race and you’ll have like 5 minutes before the race to put a couple laps in too, you been here before?

    2. @aceozz nice, it’ll be a good way to learn the track tbh, the corner after the down ramp be careful though, it’s very slippy, you don’t need to brake but don’t take it flat

  6. Im only 15 and my dad took me here as I was really interested in doing it. We came here in my 1st race I got a 39s time and then just in the next race I got a 35s. I was so happy. Now we have a membership and are gradually getting better each time.

    1. That’s awesome, great work, get ready for the addiction to really take hold, you’ll be forever at the track, keep up the good work though and make sure you check in from time to time and keep me up to date

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